Research Lab

Broadly, our research examines the influence of social and health disparities on cognitive aging in African American adults and has two main objectives:

1) To examine how individual differences in social and health factors influence cognitive aging across the lifespan in African Americans.

2) To develop and implement physical and cognitive health interventions to improve cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline and incipient dementia in African American communities at disproportionate risk.

If you are a student and interested in joining our research lab, please contact Dr. Morgan at aamorgan1 [at]

Current Lab Students:

  • Nakeshia Belton, Psychology Graduate (Spring 2019)
  • Tierra Bessant, Junior Psychology Student
  • Briana Bloodworth, Senior Psychology Student
  • Dextiny McCain, Senior Psychology Student
Dextiny McCain & Dr. Aiken Morgan at the NCAT Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Current Lab Projects:

Physical Activity & Cognitive Function in Low-Income African Americans

Despite African Americans suffering from disproportionately higher rates of dementia and hypertension, research has not specifically examined the relationship between physical activity/exercise and cognitive function in this population. The contribution of this research study is to demonstrate that physical activity has a significant relationship with cognitive performance in an African American sample that is at greater risk of having cognitive and cardiovascular health problems.

Former Lab Students & Projects:

Ebone Clodfelter, Dr. Aiken Morgan, Amber Dickson, & Kyle Barrentine

Kyle Barrentine, Sophomore Psychology Student at North Carolina A&T State University

Barrentine, K., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). Relationships between Socioeconomic Status, Education, and Depression in African American Adults.

Barrentine, K., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2017). The Association between Perceived Locus of Control and Self-Reported Depression in Older African American Men.


Amber Dickson & Ebone Clodfelter, Psychology Graduates of North Carolina A&T State University

Clodfelter, E., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). The Relationship between Social Support and Cognition in Older African Americans.

Dickson, A., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). Education and Cognitive Aging in African Americans.