Broadly, our research examines the influence of social and health disparities on cognitive aging in African American adults.

Current Lab Projects:

-Effects of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Context on Cognition and Health among African Americans

Physical Activity & Cognitive Function in Low-Income African American Older Adults

2019-2020 Lab Members:

Dr. Aiken Morgan, Dextiny McCain, Jada Hyman, Destini Brown, Tierra Bessant, & Alexis Olds
Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Morgan, March 2020
  • Dextiny McCain, Psychology Graduate, Fall 2019
  • Jada Hyman, Senior Psychology Student
  • Destini Brown, Senior Psychology Student
  • Tierra Bessant, Senior Psychology Student
  • Alexis Olds, Psychology Graduate, Spring 2020
  • Briana Bloodworth, Psychology Graduate, Spring 2020 (Not Pictured)
Dextiny McCain & Dr. Aiken Morgan at the NCAT Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Former Lab Students & Projects:

Ebone Clodfelter, Dr. Aiken Morgan, Amber Dickson, & Kyle Barrentine

Kyle Barrentine, Psychology Graduate, Spring 2020; Graduate Student at the University of Virginia

Barrentine, K., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). Relationships between Socioeconomic Status, Education, and Depression in African American Adults.

Barrentine, K., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2017). The Association between Perceived Locus of Control and Self-Reported Depression in Older African American Men.


Amber Dickson & Ebone Clodfelter, Psychology Graduates of North Carolina A&T State University

Clodfelter, E., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). The Relationship between Social Support and Cognition in Older African Americans.

Dickson, A., & Aiken-Morgan, A. T. (2018). Education and Cognitive Aging in African Americans.